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killersudoku.org.uk's sister site, puzzlemix.com, features a range of unique interactive play windows with a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Work in any modern browser without requiring any plugins (including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari)
  • Unique digit and grid resizing code - try it and see!
  • Unlimited full undo and redo - makes solving much less stressful, and means finger trouble doesn't ruin the game!
  • Fast entry by pushing number keys to enter big/small numbers; press again to toggle
  • Push 0, backspace or delete to clear a grid entry
  • Hit SPACE to toggle solution/pencil marks, or click on the relevant option
  • Double-clicking on a solo pencilmark number will place it as a solution digit (this is particularly handy with the auto-remove feature)
  • Background saving via AJAX/XML/PHP/MySQL backend with live feedback
  • Intelligent placing of valid digits based on initial grid clues
  • Auto-add pencilmarks
  • Auto-prune small numbers
  • Check your solution (and point out empty cells too)
  • Show invalid moves
  • Show incorrect moves (also glows numbers in IE)
  • Generated from PHP using MySQL database backend
  • Arrow keys and TAB/SHIFT-TAB to move around
  • Or click to move around
  • Click on the entry cursor to remove it if you wish for aesthetic purposes
  • Reveal solution - and also highlights the entries you had wrong (try it - it uses small green numbers)
  • 'Please wait' message for clean screen whilst loading
  • Can cope with any grid dimensions
  • Adaptable to different puzzle types
  • And more!
If you wish to license the player modules or entire system for use on your website or other outlet then please contact gareth@puzzlemix.com to discuss licensing fees and customisation options.

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